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Narmada Voice
Sr.No. Department Name Office Name Office Location GSWAN No.
1 Collectorate Collector 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63001
RDC ( Tele / FAX) 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63011
PA to Collector 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63021
District Planning Officer 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63041
Dist Planning Office Branch 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63042
Dy District Election Officer 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63051
Election Dept 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63502
Disaster Mamlatdar Ground floor,Collectoroffice 63061
District Supply Officer 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63071
Chitnis 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63091
Chitnis Dy Mamlatdar 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63092
Chitnis Vahivat 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63093
Chitnis MSC 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63094
Chitnis Mehcam EST 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63821
Dy Collector- MDM 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63111
Mid Day Meal Branch 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63112
GSWAN Coordinator 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63131
GSWAN Coordinator 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63132
Deputy Collector 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63141
NIC 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63161
GSWAN FAX 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63140
VC Hall 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63171
Nagrik Adhikar 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63822
Collector office- Account Branch 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63823
  Home Department SP SP Office, Behind Post Office, Rajpipla 64191
3 Panchayats, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department  DDO & Panchayat Ground Floor, Jilla panchayat Bhavan, Rajpipla 63261
Director for Rural Development(DRDA)-ATA 2nd Floor, Jilla panchayat Bhavan, Rajpipla 64271
    DILR 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63331
DILR 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63332
DILR 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63333
Stamp Duty   63341
Stamp Duty   63342
5 Health Department  Civil Surgeon-ATA Civil Hospital, Nr Rajput Falia 64361
7 Legal Department  Dist. Court-ATA Station Road, DistrictCourt  64421
8 Education Department  DEO Groundfloor,Collector office 63451
DEO Branch Groundfloor,Collector office 63452
DEO Branch Groundfloor,Collector office 63453
9 Industries and Mines Department  District Industries Centre(DIC) 2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63491
District Industries Centre(DIC) 2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63492
District Industries Centre(DIC) 2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63493
Geology & Mining Office 2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63501
10 Transport Department RTO Groundfloor,Collector office 63551
RTO Groundfloor,Collector office 63552
RTO Groundfloor,Collector office 63553
11 Labour & Employment Department  District Employment  2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63581
District Employment  2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63582
District Employment  2ndfloor,Collectoroffice 63583
12 Finance Department  District Treasury Office Groundfloor,Collector office 63601
District Treasury Office Groundfloor,Collector office 63602
District Treasury Office Groundfloor,Collector office 63603
13 Health & Family Welfare Department  Social Welfare Groundfloor,Collector office 63621
Social Welfare Groundfloor,Collector office 63622
Social Welfare Groundfloor,Collector office 63623
14   Dist. Registrar 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63631
Dist. Registrar 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63632
Dist. Registrar 1stfloor,Collectoroffice 63633
15 Information, & Broadcasting Department  District Mahiti Office Groundfloor,Collector office 63641
District Mahiti Office Groundfloor,Collector office 63642
District Mahiti Office Groundfloor,Collector office 63643
16 Forests & Environment Department Forest Office-ATA Nr Jakat Naka,Vadia Palace, Rajpipla 64651
17 Narmada, Water Resources & Water Supply Department Water Supply Karjan Building, 1st floor 63661
Water Supply Karjan Building, 1st floor 63662
Water Supply Karjan Building, 1st floor 63663
18 Road & Building Department R&B R & B, Nr DDO Office 63671
20 Port and Fisheries Department Assistant Commissioner (Fisheries) 2ndfloor,Collector office 63691
Narmada Taluka
Sr.No. Taluka Name Department Name Office Location GSWAN No.
1 Dediyapada Mamlatdar Mamlatdar Office, Dediapada 65001-41
Dy. Mamlatdar Mamlatdar Office, Dediapada 65001-42
LRC Mamlatdar Office, Dediapada 65001-43
TDO Taluka Panchayat, Dediapada 65006-51
Dy.TDO Taluka Panchayat, Dediapada 65006-52
Sub-Treasury Office Nr Mamlatdar Office, Dediapada 65006-52
2 Nandod Mamlatdar Lal Tower, Rajpipla 65061-41
Dy. Mamlatdar Lal Tower, Rajpipla 65061-42
LRC Lal Tower, Rajpipla 65061-43
Prant Nr. Mamlatdar Office, Rajpipla 65061-44
TDO Nr Bus Station, Taluka Panchayat, Rajpipla 65066-51
Dy.TDO Nr Bus Station, Taluka Panchayat, Rajpipla 65066-52
3 Sagbara Mamlatdar Main Road, Sagbara 65121-41
Dy. Mamlatdar Main Road, Sagbara 65121-42
LRC Main Road, Sagbara 65121-43
TDO Taluka Panchayat, Sagbara 65126-51
Dy.TDO Taluka Panchayat, Sagbara 65126-52
4 Tilakwada Mamlatdar Nr Telephone office, Tilakwada 65181-41
Dy. Mamlatdar Nr Telephone office, Tilakwada 65181-42
LRC Nr Telephone office, Tilakwada 65181-43
TDO Taluka Panchayat, Tilakwada 65186-51
Dy.TDO Taluka Panchayat, Tilakwada 65186-52